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Flower arrangements and floral design for weddings in Tuscany

A small comprehensive event décor company has been providing custom floral arrangements in Tuscany and throughout Italy. We’ve delivered award winning designs in some of the very best locations, and look to create floral masterpieces that fit-in perfectly with other elements of the wedding location, room design, lighting, all essential elements when creating the perfect ambiance for that special day.


Whether it’s a small intimate gathering of people right the way up to an elaborate wedding, we provide the skills and expertise to translate your ideas and desires into life. Drawing on our extensive experience and past work, we can help you choose from a large selection of accessories from sparking golden and glass candle arrangements, to characteristic antique goblets.

These presentation items can provide additional magic and create an unforgettable picture for both the bride and groom, as well as for those people attending on the special day.


Sometimes less is more and our flower arrangements can equally be enjoyed in a more naturalistic form, drawing attention to their natural beauty and simplicity.

Whatever style of wedding day you are seeking to create, we believe in matching the flowers to the occasion perfectly.

Please read on to find out how we work in practice.

Franci’s Flowers – how we work.

Our consultations will happen first of all using a combination of email and telephone. We have a large photographic archive which we use as a guide during this process, in addition we also use our pinterest account

Past clients have a clear idea on the type of flower arrangements they want to see on their wedding day, while others simply knew the impression they wanted to create and we guided them through the creative process to a final flower selection.

When it’s possible each project begins with a private meeting where client meet Francesca to review your personal needs and taste in order to develop a customized creative project for your event.

Once we’re both sure that an understanding of the floral designs required for the wedding day has been reached, we will provide a proposal which will outline the type of floral design that we think will be suitable for your wedding day.

Assuming that the proposal is to your satisfaction, we will then provide a final proposal which will include more detailed descriptions of the floral arrangements we will be providing on your wedding day (and our terms and conditions of business).


A 50% deposit will be required to secure our services for your wedding day. We will provide the necessary bank details to allow you to confirm this once you have decided to go ahead with the proposal.


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Whether you are looking for stunning flower arrangements for your special day, or your party or  wedding concierge service, simply send your request to Franci’s Flowers, or contact us (see below)
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