What is the price of your service?

Each quote is provided upon client’s needs but there is have a minimum of order, we are not a flowers shop.

We work only on weddings and events florals , we provide bridal bouquet, ceremony decor, centertables, venue floral decor, wedding accessories and candle’s decorations, car decor, buttonholes, flower head-dress, corsage, event decor, corporate flowers, interior decoration


Starting from bridal bouquets to venue styling, anything is designed around you that’s why we do not have standardized catalogue and we don’t have packages.

We suggest from a minimum of 1 months to 1 year


Yes of course, each bouquet is unique as you are

Yes depending on size of event and cost of decoration and we charge for travelling ( TBD )

We are able to provide vases,urns, pillars, lanterns, arch and chuppah structure

Only by appointment please

Bank wire transfer and cash