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Wedding Design Florence Tuscany Italy

Francesca is a creative genius and was trained as an architect by trade. It is this eye for scale, proportion and colour that she brings with her to wedding design in Tuscany, with meticulous working and a passion for flowers and perfection, she delivers results that when seen can present multiple layers of texture and color, or find the timeless beauty within a single layer of simplicity.

“Flowers have their own language and we very much see ourselves as helping to tell the story of the special day through them. We listen very carefully to our client’s desires and wishes, and clarify that understanding with photos and examples so we can find the perfect balance between texture and colour to make the day truly unique and memorable.”

Franci’s Flowers approach to flower design – Franci’s Flowers seek to create personal and awe-inspiring floral designs. These flower arrangement masterpieces can be bold and stand out, or blend in naturally and beautifully with the special location that has been chosen by the client.

Franci’s Flowers have a solid international reputation and are committed to exceeding their client’s expectations with their stunning floral designs. A friendly company,  they are able to adapt and work with other wedding suppliers so that their unique floral arrangements can feature on your special day with the minimum of fuss.


The next step towards a truly unique flower design is to get in touch Franci’s Flowers.                             mobile: + 39 347 2299495 mail : info@francisflowers.it